follow your heart little child of the west wind

:: A grave for Mark, a grave for Gwythur, a grave for Gwgawn of the red sword, but, perish the thought, a grave for Arthur ::

Alex. I'm supposed to have married Ewan McGregor, but the universe mixed up time a bit.

Interests: Films and filmmaking. British history. Lord of the Rings. Middle Earth. British tv drama. Costume drama. Films and films.

Currently: Watching more and more Bollywood while pretending everything else is going okay

:: Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo, jo hai sama, kal ho naa ho ::

You will never, ever feel this way about anyone else. You’ll go to bed missing me and you’ll wake up aching, wishing I was there.

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    And you’ll really regret this when I post all your dick pics on Facebook and send the album link to everyone you work...
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    (Going off to lunch, have some examples of RJC being a fabulous crier of bitchtears in something that isn’t Downton. And...
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    Coronation Street has been described to me as the worst soap opera, I could ever stumble across, so I successfully...
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