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:: A grave for Mark, a grave for Gwythur, a grave for Gwgawn of the red sword, but, perish the thought, a grave for Arthur ::

Alex. I'm supposed to have married Ewan McGregor, but the universe mixed up time a bit.

Interests: Films and filmmaking. British history. Lord of the Rings. Middle Earth. British tv drama. Costume drama. Films and films.

Currently: Going through a Bollywood/Shahrukh Khan phase

:: Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo, jo hai sama, kal ho naa ho ::

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    Oh my love… how could Thomas’s love ever be seen as revolting ? What’s a world where love is revolting ? Rob’s acting is...
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    Stunned and stunning. I love Thomas’s reaction - his facial expression and simply the way he says: “No.” Thomas/Carson...
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    Poor Thomas looks so stunned at the “revolting world” comment…on one level, it doesn’t surprise him that Carson thinks...
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    I, personally, wouldn’t mind taking a tour of Thomas’s Disgusting Revolting World. Is that like Disneyworld? Sounds like...
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    The toaster! Surely the devil’s tool!
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    Mostly I find it sad how resistant Carson is about change or about anything different. So much of series 3 WAS about...
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    i know i know, you are right, and i agree, but the feels just run so deep for thomas at that moment, you know? like poor...
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